Package org.jacaranda.verifier

Interface Summary
JSInterpreter How to invoke a JavaScript interpreter.

Class Summary
ErrorRecord A record that holds the type and position of a filter error (see the FILTER_CDATA rule of the Jacaranda specification).
JacarandaFilterStream A subclass of ANTLRStringStream with the following customizations: As each char is consumed, check whether it and the immediately preceding chars violate the FILTER_CDATA rule of the Jacaranda specification.
JacarandaToken An extension of CommonToken that holds lexer attribute values specific to Jacaranda.
JacarandaTokenStream A subclass of TokenRewriteStream that allows rewinding to before a given token.
JacarandaTree An extension of CommonTree that holds attribute values specific to Jacaranda.
JacarandaTreeAdaptor A very simple TreeAdaptor that tells ANTLR to use JacarandaTree instead of CommonTree, and that delegates addition of children and rule post-processing to JacarandaTree.
PrintReporter A Reporter that prints error messages to a PrintWriter 'err', and the result message to a PrintWriter 'out'.
Sets<E> Implementation of sets used by the lexer and parser.
Strings String utility functions.
Test Test suite (currently very incomplete).
Verifier Main public interface to the verifier.
VerifierApplet A simple demonstration applet, also runnable as an application.

Exception Summary
FatalException Exception thrown due to a fatal verification error.
VerificationException Exception thrown due to a verification error.